Tea light

Decorative Tea light Lace

I originally found this pattern while placing random searches into Pinterest. It linked me to another blog:


The pattern is written very clear and precise and the end result is beautiful!

One thing I have challenged was the petal shape, it is undeniably pretty and delicate, but they do need molding into shape to produce the flower effect. The result is shown in the featured image above.

The image below however, shows my adaptation to the petal. Each petal here is ten DC’s ¬†with a slips stitch before and after each one…

photo 1 (11)


photo 3 (6)


In other words, each petal is thicker and made more defined by using the slip stitch technique.

I am still up for a debate on which one I prefer though, so all opinions are appreciated!

If you like what you see check out the link above! I don’t wish to take any credit away from the original designer, however if you would like to purchase this product or anything else listed on this page check out:


Bye for now!



Decorative Tea light Jar Lace

Hi all,
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Ok so with all the begging aside, lets begin!

This particular pattern was sent to me from a copy of Woman’s weekly and I believe is still sold through their online page. If I can ever find the link I will place it here…….

Each design is listed by size, small, medium and large and with each size brings increased difficulty… or at least supposedly it does!
Don’t be put off! Once you get your head around the thin yarn and small crochet hook, these are extremely easy to make and include only Ch, DC, Tr and Slst.

So this is what I was able to make…


photo 4 (4)



photo 2 (14)



photo 3 (5)


Each one took about thirty minutes to make and I would consider myself a very slow crocheter.

These look extremely delicate, but in fact they hold their shape very well and have a little bit of give for when stretching round your jar. I absolutely love how they glow when the candles are lit and the pattern is emphasised well. A beautiful, unique design that will make a statement to anyone’s home!