Month: November 2014

The French Beret

This particular winter request puzzled me, the french beret.  I love the knotsewcute patterns immensely sold on etsy, however the pattern requested 2ply yarn and who would’ve known that this yarn is so hard to get your hands on! Nether mind once you’ve found the right thickness I could only find the colour snow white and white never looks flattering on anyone…

However, the troubles didn’t end there, on completing the hat of the largest size it still didn’t fit me nor hold its shape properly. Fortunately, I wouldn’t give up just there and equipped with 4ply yarn I gave it another go.

This is what I was able to produce…

beret 2

beret 3



It fits perfectly and does now hold its shape lovely. However, I would argue that again this was by producing the largest size and I don’t believe myself to have an above average sized head.  So my questions to anyone reading this is where do you buy 2ply yarn from? Unfortunately,  I could only find cheap brands rather than the Patons lace it recommended and I believe this to be my downfall as the pattern itself worked flawlessly with the larger yarn.

However, this pattern does produces a gorgeous hat using the flawless double crochet front post technique , and I can’t recommend the pattern more highly. But with your help hopefully I could find a yarn that truely shows the hat off.

Looking forward to hearing from you all! Any advise would be much appreciated!

Speak soon