The Vintage Crocheted Purse

WOW its been way too long since I’ve made a post! Sorry guys!

Its also been along while since I’ve browsed Youtube on a slow evening searching for inspiration. But after returning to Glasgow after a two week action packed holiday in Florida I found myself depressingly wide awake at two in the morning…. we’ve all been there! However, this ended up being a great use of my time as I stumbled across this cute purse design. Needing to know only  SC, DC, Tr  and puff stitch you can make this gorgeous pattern within an hour or so.

The pattern can be found by following this link



A technique I’ve never explored before making this purse is making a button hole. Way easier than it first seems! You simply carry on your pattern until you get to the ideal location for the button and then start making a chain, this of which needs to be large enough for your individual chosen button, before carrying on the original pattern… who would’ve known… Easy!

This versatile pattern can be created with any yarn of your choice or thickness of hook, I personally choose a 4 hook and DK yarn which created a purse of 3.5 inches by 4.5 inches.

This is a very ideal beautifully vintage coin purse, so follow the link above if you are interested in having ago yourself, or check out BETTEDESIGNS Etsy page if you would like to purchase an individual, custom made purse for yourself.

Bye for now