The cost of wool has made me slightly dubious about dedicating to creating a whole new blanket. So I’ve started to create small samples, in which not only test the pattern but wool thickness and colour rotations. So this post here will be forever growing in the next coming year with everything I’ve found and tested.

  1. So this one here is advertised as the Crochet Ripple Afghan aka Wave or Ripple

This is what I was able to produce…

photo (17)


The pattern is definitely easy and very fun to make. As long as your remember to  always work in threes you can switch the brain off and watch the pattern grow in no time at all! Preferably I think this pattern would suit a thick chunky wool and a border would help the blanket keep its shape considerably. You can alternate colours very easily at the end of each row and this design could be made to any size of your choice, as the shape should not be lost.

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2. This blanket is called The Lovely Shells Baby Blanket and this is what i was able to produce…

photo (20)


This pattern looks really intricate but it is actually very easy, one row produces the branches and the second produces the shells. Again working in nice clear rows means a colour change can be made very easily. I used a very coarse cascade aran wool here however, and although it shows the pattern of perfectly, I think this design on a more practical use would more suit a more delicate fluffy wool.  Furthermore, although advertised as a baby blanket, this pattern holds its shape beautifully and would work as a large throw for a reading chair. I will definitely be making one for myself!

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