The Earwarmer Headband

Hate the thought of having hat hair for the rest of the day, but wanting something toasty warm to prevent frostbite ears, try the ear-warmer headband! 

Made in less than a hour, with a 9mm hook and 75 yards of super bulky yarn, the pattern includes:

  • Slip knot and chain 45 (or the circumference of your head plus two).
  • Row one- Skip the first chain and single crochet in every stitch afterwards. Chain one and turn your work.
  • Row two- Single crochet in every single center bar . Chain one and turn your work and repeat for ten rows.
  • Once ten rows is completed, finish off and weave in the ends.
  • Now overlap the ends and and stitch closed.

This was what I was able to produce…


 The type of stitch used is extremely dense and therefore would be extremely warm. This density however, does mean the closing seam will be fairly obvious, but I believe creating a feature of this with some chunky buttons or ribbon  actually adds to the design rather than making it a deterrence. 

 Like what you see, follow the link and have a go!