The Bow Boot Cuff

When searching on ravelry for new and interesting ideas I came across this very cute bow boot cuff. Following the page link it sent me to a very detailed blog,

This was my first attempt at reading a pattern and trying to follow and create something from just the instructions. So it was a relief to find the blog very helpful and descriptive. Without taking page views and credit from the other blog, the pattern includes single crochet and double crochet and therefore is very easy and perfect for any beginner!

Following on my obsession with bows I was equally grateful to find a new technique of producing them. So this includes, circular rows of singles crochets tightened at the center with two rows of single crochets. Very simple and effective, whilst being able to produce any size of bow effortlessly.

So this is what I was able to produce….

photo (8)

Like what you see, check out the link!



Fingerless Gloves

Wow! When searching for fingerless gloves designs I came across this beautiful five star pattern!!

Beige acrylic yarn, 3.5mm hook
Round 1: Slip knot, chain 2. (Chain 1, dc)x29. Slip stitch into 2nd chain.
Round 2: Chain 2, 30 FPdc.
Round 3-5: 30 FPdc.
Round 6 (pink yarn): 30 FPdc, slip stitch.
Round 7-12: Chain 2. (Cluster: 1/2dc + hdc)x29. Slip stitch into chain 2.
Round 13: Chain 3, skip 6 stitches, 23 clusters, slip stitch into chain 2.
Round 14-15: Chain 2, 24 clusters, slip stitch into chain 2.

This design sure looks like a mouth full but is easier done than said! This was what I was was able to produce…

Seeing how popular my previous bow post was too, I was happy to find a design that actually uses a bow of that size!

It sits perfectly on these beautiful gloves, adding just that little bit more extra glamour. This particular bow pattern is very simple and a must try!

It includes:

  • A magic loop
  • Chain three
  • Three triple crochets into the loop
  • Chain three
  • Slip stitch into the loop
  • Now for the other side, chain three
  • Three triple crochets into the loop
  • Chain three
  • Slip stitch into the loop
  • Chain one, leaving a lengthy thread of yarn
  • Cut the yarn and feed it through the chain you’ve just created
  • Now it is secured, close the magic loop and use the yarn to wrap around the center

If anybody is interested in purchasing these gloves  from me, a variety of colours on offer,  inbox me!