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Crochet Phone Case

There seems to be an endless supply of crochet phone case patterns for every size of iPhone ever made. However, if you’re looking to make one for an android phone and unless ¬†you’re well practiced and prepared to adapt patterns, you are kind of left hanging in the dark…

So being a newbie to making phone cases, I was so thankful when I found this pattern on Crochet Hooks You.

It is extremely easy and only involves, CH, SC and DC and this is what I was able to produce:

photo 2 (11)

This pattern is very forgiving and durable and can either be stretched around a variety of sized phones, or you can very easily add any number of stitches to the width or the height. Although working in rounds, you do have a slight seam produced from the slip stitch described at the end of each round, however placing this seam along the edge of your phone does make this very unnoticeable. Not only is this design highly adaptable when it comes to changing the size, these cases are a perfect base to go crazily creative on. One simple Google search and you can find inspiration with  designs such as bows, flowers, buttons, handles and clasps , these of which could very easily be added on.

photo 1 (10)


So if you like what you see check out the link above for the full pattern description and feel free to ask any questions!