Star stitch

The Star Beach/Market Bag

Again when flicking through my very reliable source Youtube I came across this gorgeous star market bag…Its original source is a free pattern from Red heart and while the pattern is very easy to read nothing beats being able to follow and watch someone making it in front of you.


So the free pattern can be found by following this link:

But if you search for The Crochet Crowd you will find their very helpful film! So this is what I was able to make…

photo (13)


Unfortunately, I only had wool at hand so as good as it looks, wool does have a little too much give and I’m pretty sure it won’t  stand the test of time against general wear and tear. But now  I am equipped with some double knit cotton and I hope to alternate and see if a colour change between rows of  stars works effectively. So I will upload another picture in the coming week or so to show the new improved bag!

But otherwise, this bag is a really good size and the star structure makes brilliant thick substantial branches. In other words, this bag will hold a generous amount of weight. If there is any concern to have, it should be aimed at the handles, however this can be very simply adapted by just adding extra rows of  double crochets and making a thicker band, before fastening off and weaving in the ends.

I am so happy with this find and I cannot wait to make more and to explore all the variations I can come up with.

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photo 1

The NEW improved bag! 100%  DK cotton was used and the handles were made twice as thick, this bag is not going to break anytime soon!!