Reverse single crochet

Tea Cosy no. 2

Hey, sorry for the late blog! I do try and blog weekly however my partner decided to change our broadband provider …..what a polava! So… with the success of my previous tea cosy, I’ve had another family request! This time ¬†searching for something a little less girly, I stumbled across this beautiful cable crochet pattern on etsy:

It includes stitches such as SC, Reverse SC, DC, HDC and cable (refer to cable mittens), it advertises itself as an intermediate pattern, however once you understand the cable technique and as long as you keep the right number of stitches at the time, the pattern became very easy to do. One thing I do have to praise is the PDF pattern itself, it was so descriptive and had each stitch and section described beautifully and annotated with pictures, I will definitely be purchasing patterns  from Knotsewcute again.

So this was what I was able to produce…

photo 1 (5)

photo 2 (5)


Effectively, without giving too much away you work in rounds to produce the elastic like ribbing , divide off to create two cable panels and then join everything off with a few rounds of half double crochet. One technique I was really quite happy about, was producing rows of alternating single crochets and double crochets, which can be seen on either side of the cable pattern. It produced such a rustic chunky stitch and a pattern of its own, itself crocheted with a bulkier yarn and some chunky buttons would look lovely as a tea cosy even by itself. So watch this space… I might attempt that sometime soon and show you what I mean! I equally loved the ribbing and found it so quick and easy to produce, I would definitely be using this in future projects…

One minor thing I wished the pattern did include was details on how to efficiently stitch the pon pons on! My stitching is pretty horrendous and these might need restitching when used on a day to day basis.

Otherwise , I would give the pattern a five stars and recommend that you check it out!

Anyone fancy purchasing a finished product, message me!


Crochet For Men

So I recently had another family request! This time it was my granddad asking for a crocheted hat. I initially hit a blank wall, as all the designs I liked were knitted and under a short period of time with spring looming ahead of us, I was never going to have enough time to teach myself a whole new art.

So I was extremely great full when I stumbled across a dog tooth patterned skull cap hat. Being fitted and with such a chunky stripey pattern it really striked me as a manly hat for football enthusiasts.

So the pattern was found on this website:

Its extremely descriptive and helpful and really made the pattern seem like childs play. This was what i was able to produce….

photo 3 (1)So the pattern for this again without taking credit or any page views away from the original website, is very similar to my last skull cap pattern. Whilst,the main base of the hat is made up of half double crochets which makes a lovely chunky, thick (non-holey) texture, the clever part is the dog tooth pattern. This includes simply changing colour and rotating between single crochets and double crochets and alternating this per row.

photo 4 (1)

A further technique that I explored was the reverse single crochet. It was recommended as it produces a twist rather than anything that might contribute to a girly frill. I personally loved this technique and will reproduce it again and again. The technique includes holding the crochet hook in its original right handed position (if you are right handed) and single crocheting left to right, rather than right to left. Easy peasy!

photo 2 (4)


So like what you see, check out the link!!