The Granny Square Cushion

So maybe believing I could post weekly was rather naive when it came to the larger projects! But hopefully the wait will be worth it…

So handmade, homely traditional goods are the height of season, so I thought I would have ago at making the granny square cushion. Many free patterns can be found all over the internet, ranging from easy to hard. The pattern I chose was EXTREMELY easy and went like this:

  • Round one: Slip knot and chain five, slip stitch into the first chain to create a circle. Chain three and do eleven double crochet into the circle (the chain three acts as the first dc), slip stitch to join.
  •  Round two: In between the previous stitches change colour and chain three, double crochet into the same stitch. Now work two dc  between every stitch of the previous round. Slip stitch to join.
  • Round three: In between the previous stitches change colour and chain three, place two more double crochet into the same stitch. Place three dc  between every group of two dc crochet from the previous round. Slip stitch to join.
  • Round four: Change colour once more and chain three between a group of stitches from the previous round. Place two more dc in the same gap, chain one and place another three dc into the following gap of stitches, chain five (to create a corner) and place three dc into the next gap. Three dc into each of the next two gaps with a chain stitch between and chain five, repeat until finished and slip stitch to join and weave in ends.

*Join squares together with single crochets.

This was what I was able to produce………..

photo 2 (7)


photo 1 (6)


So easy I recommend this to any crochet newbie! However, it is such a beautiful design I will be making more and recommend the pattern highly to even the experienced. Its a household must accessory!

My next challenge for the up coming week or so…. is an afghan blanket, so watch this space! (I equally have a few orders to get through so I will blog as often as I can)



    1. A great idea! For me I loved the holey design of the granny square, with the gaps very visible in each corner of the squares, so I chose against closing up the center circles. Though I know not everyone will be keen on this, so a fab idea for future projects. Thank you!


  1. Lovely pillow cover. The color combinations are beautiful. As a knitter, my crochet abilities are capped at basic edging. Perhaps someday I’ll branch out, but until then I’ll admire others’ work.

    Thanks for following my blog, too!
    Mary Ann


    1. It did! But that was only due to me loving the idea of it looking really handmade, so I only single crocheted into the back top loop of each stitch. If you fancy something a little more tidier/professional crocheting into both loops of each stitch doesn’t cause it to create a ridge 🙂


  2. Great cushion cover! Dunno why, but I have a love/hate relationship with the granny square – sometimes I like it, and sometimes I don’t. Your cushion cover is definitely a ‘love it’!


  3. Cats and crochet seem to go together. My beasts always want to sleep on whatever I’m working on. It looks very pretty, love the colors!


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