The Slouchy Bobble Hat

Now that I’m starting to get the hang of crocheting, I’ve been looking for new and interesting crocheting techniques and I came across the puff stitch used in a traditional bobble hat.

The pattern includes:

  • A slip knot and chain 74
  • Row one- DC into the fourth chain from the hook and then in every stitch afterwards. Chain two and turn your work.
  • Row two- Alternate between front post and back post DC. In the last stitch do a hdc. Chain three and turn your work.
  • Row three-DC into the fourth chain from the hook and in every stitch afterwards.Chain two and turn your work.
  • Row Four- Alternate between front post and back post double crochet. HDC in the last stitch and chain three and turn.
  • Row four- Yarn over and insert hook into the fifth chain from the hook, pull through and repeat until you have a total of seven loops on your hook, then yarn over and pull through all of the loops. Chain one, miss one stitch and perform another puff stitch. Continue all the way to the end. At the end you will be left with three stitches, in this case skip two stitches and do a puff stitch in the last. Chain three and turn.
  • Row five-Repeat row four now inserting puff stitches into the spaces. Chain three at the end of the row and repeat for a total of 18 rows of puff stitches.
  • Finish off and weave in ends.
  • Now fold the design in half and stitch the ends together. Flip the hat inside out.
  • Then weave wool through the rim of the top section of the hat. Once all the way round pull the weaved wool tight to create the tip of the hat. Create a knot and weave in the ends to ensure the shape is held tightly.
  • This is where the bobble can be simply stitched on.

To create the bobble:

  • Cut two doughnut like shapes out of cardboard. Lie one on top of the other.
  • Cut one slit into both cardboard cutouts, from the outside into the center ring. This is where you will feed through the wool.
  • Feeding the wool through the slit, wrap the wool around the both doughnut shaped cardboard’s.
  • Wrap until the cardboard is fairly hidden.
  • Now try separating the two cardboard and using scissors cut the wool along this seam.
  • Once cut place a thread of yarn between the two cardboard and now tie all the chopped wool together.
  • Remove the cardboard and ruffle the wool to hide all ties.

This was what I was able to produce..

This hat is beautifully designed, very comfy and holds its shape very well. The heavy bobble even gives the hat a modern slouchy look…

 The design is very deceiving however, 4ply wool and a 4.5mm hook is recommended but the puff stitch creates such a chunky stitch, making this a perfectly warm hat for the winter months . Furthermore, due to the hat being created in rows, it is equally very easy to change the colour of yarn. As seen above white yarn is incorporated to contrast with the red. 

This was such an easy and fun design to do and there are so many minor alterations you could include, colour, bobble or not, larger rim to be able to fold up etc. This allows you to make a unique one of a kind hat and something you can easily alter with the changing seasons and fashion.

Five stars, check it out!


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