A simple rose, so beautifully designed that you almost believe every twist and turn has been a handful to make. Don’t be fooled, beginner friendly!


Spoiler ALERT! You are effectively making a chain of material that you then roll and fold into a rose. This designs really enables you to be the artist and create something special. I would give this you tube clip five stars and insist that its a must see!

The pattern includes:


  • A slip knot
  • Chain sixty
  • Chain three
  • Double crochet into the fourth chain from the hook
  • Now double crochet in every chain
  • Flip your work
  • Double crochet into the third chain
  • Double crochet five more times into the same stitch (six in total)
  • Skip a stitch and single crochet into the next one.
  • Skip a stitch and double crochet into the next for a total of six
  • Repeat to then end of the chain.
  • Finish off


These roses have such good structure and thickness it would be perfect as a pin, a hat decoration and with a little bit of an imagination an amazing house accessory.



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