Knot headband

This was an extremely fun and easy design… The pattern included:

  • A slip knot
  • Chain fifteen
  • Skip first chain
  • Single crochet into the second chain and carry on until you reach the end chain
  • Turn your work
  • Repeat, until desired length is reached
  • Leave head band
  • To produce the knot, chain seven and complete exactly like the band until you reach your tenth row.
  • Slip stitch to close the knot
  • Thread knot onto the band and slip stitch the headband closed.



Compared to the video I believe my end product lost some effect due to using only aran wool. I think an extra bulky yarn would of given it a bit more substance and held its shape so much better. Furthermore the picture is rather unflattering due to being able to see the stitches made to stitch the band together. However, the second picture should show how those titches are indeed  hidden once worn.

I do love the end product and it would be perfect to hide a bad hair day! Five stars!



To be continued…more designs to come!


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