Infinity Scalf

The one thing that attracted me to this youtube clip was finding the design big enough to not only be able to wrap around your neck twice but to be able to do a third round! This scarf is huge! Therefore, a 11mm crochet hook is recommended but I struggled to find one so settled for a 10mm…I honestly don’t think it made any difference! The wool I chose too was a super chunky  50% acrylic and 50% wool, but I highly recommend it as it was extremely soft to the touch and not itchy at all!

Purchased from woolwarehouse



The scarf pattern included:

  • Slip knot
  • Chain to a preferable length, 72 inches is recommended (approx. 182cm )
  • Slip stitch into chain one, creating a circle.
  • Half double crochet into next stitch and in each stitch all the way round.
  • Carry on until desired width is reached.
  • Slip stitch, cut yarn and weave in ends


This design is beautiful, however there are a few minor things that I would like to try and adapt . For example, to not have a joining seam you do a chain and then slip stitch the two together. However, I felt it produced a snake like effect with a noticeable start and end. Therefore, to make it less noticeable I included single crochets on to both the start and the end  and then further weaved the ends of my wool in this direction. This helped greatly and the ends were no longer prominent. Furthermore, iheartstitching connects her finishing yarn to a new ball just with a knot, although I agree the knots them self were not that noticeable the ends of the yarn that you then  had to weave in are due to the type of stitch being so bulky and holey in places. So, the technique I recommend is yarning over, going through the stitch, yarning over again pulling it back through the stitch, then using the new ball of yarn to finish the stitch, ( However, the half double crochet does create a beautiful pattern and overall this is a gorgeous chunky scarf. Do be warned it used a total of 300g worth of wool, but the end effect is well worth the extra money!

So although I don’t agree with all of ihearstitching’s techniques, I do love the scarf I was able to make and therefore rate it four stars. I look forward to trying out her hat and fingerless glove patterns.





If anybody would like to purchase this scarf from me, a variety of colours available. Message me!


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