So the type of knot and pattern crocheting creates can be seen as very feminine. So you may as well go the whole the way and create a butterfly!

The you tube feed that I found claimed to not only be able to create a butterfly but one that was 3D… How  could I resist! So this is what I was able to create:


View from above…


The pattern includes:

  • A magic circle
  • Chain three
  • One double crochet into the circle
  • Chain one
  • Repeat until there are fifteen double crochet (16 if you include the chain three)
  • Slip stitch into the second stitch of the chain three
  • Close the magic circle
  • Chain three
  • Skip the first stitch and single crochet into the second
  • Chain seven
  • Skip the first stitch and single crochet into the second
  • Repeat all the way round
  • On the last chain of seven, now slip stitch into the first chain of the first initial chain three
  • Now begin the third round by slip stitching into the loop formed by the first chain three
  • Further slip stitch into the next chain of seven
  • Now do five double crochets into the center of this chain of seven
  • Chain three and slip stitch into the fourth chain from the end
  • Do a further five double crochets into the center of this chain of seven
  •  Repeat all the way round
  • To finish, slip stitch into the beginning three chain loop and cut yarn
  • Weave in ends.
  • Fold design in half.
  • To create the body of the butterfly, chain eight and slip stitch.
  • Tie the chain around the wings, using the ends of the yarn as antennae

So the wings are 3D, however body is only a chain stitch. I think for next time I would try and make this more substantial, a possible idea would be to do a few single crochet rows that could be stitched together and filled with padding. The size equally doesn’t lend itself so well to a function. At this size I believe it should loose its novelty and have the wings stitched together and be filled with padding to create a small teddy bear or created smaller it would make a lovely hat decoration or key fob. But the Youtube feed again was really easy to follow and the technique was fun to do!


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