Boot Cuffs

Boot cuffs! You either love them or hate them! OR understand them or not….. ? So basically there a chunky bit of material that you wear on your legs at the point of which your boots end and your jeans or leggings begin. If anything it faking the effect of chunky boot socks without the effort and cost of material!





The pattern includes:

  • Slip knot
  • Chain ten
  • Half double crochet into the third chain from the hook
  • Do this to every chain stitch until you reach the end
  • Single crochet and then turn your work around
  • Repeat until you have a long enough piece to go around your calf
  • Stitch the two ends together with a single crochets
  • Now single crochet all the way around the cuff
  • Slip stitch at the end to complete the row
  • Starting on the second stitch from the hook do a double crochet
  • Now go back to the stitch you missed and do a single crochet (in other words perform a double cross crochet.
  • Now carry on until desired length is achieved.

Annoyingly my wool of choice was discontinued… So yes I’ve only been able to produce the one…duh! So that one boot cuff used a whole 50g ball of yarn. So be prepared guys! I absolutely loved the stitch, it produced something very thick and chunky and indeed would be gorgeously warm on a cold winters day. The you tube clip is very vague and I would argue that you need a small amount of knowledge of crocheting before attempting this product, I think MalikaGodt does even appologise explaining she is only a beginner, so give her a break! But with a bit of an imagination it didn’t take me long to figure out what she was meaning and the end result is very tidy and professional looking. So I would give the link four stars and watch this space as she had two other boot designs, just as stunning one including lace and the other a cute ruffle.


So to be continued……




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